The Latest Trends in Wall Painting: Bold Colors and Unique Techniques

The walls of our homes reflect our personality and style. More and more people are relying on muralists and artists to stylishly decorate their walls with innovative ideas and techniques. Let’s discuss some of the latest trends in wall painting.

Bold Colors

One of the most popular wall painting trends is the use of bold and striking colors. Rich shades like deep blues, vibrant purples, and captivating reds are being used to make a statement. Try using a combination of two or three bold colors of your choice to enhance the feature wall in your home.

Unique Techniques

Another interesting trend in wall painting is the use of certain techniques that add texture, dimension and movement. This could include anything from stippling, to waxing, to shading. Here are a few exciting techniques you can use:

  • Dry Brush – A technique where the paint is only slightly dampened and loosely applied to create a subtle, washed out effect.
  • Stencil – Using stencils is a popular way to achieve intricately designed patterns and shapes.
  • Sponging – A dabbing and rolling technique of contrasting shades to mimic the look of wallpaper or bark.

Wall painting is a great way to instantly transform your home. With the addition of bold colors and interesting techniques to choose from, there are endless possibilities. So go ahead and explore your creativity and bring life to your walls.