Top 5 Colors for Your Accent Wall in 2022

2022 is coming up fast, and with it, a great opportunity to refresh your home with a brand new look. Accent walls are an easy, cost-effective way to give any room a fresh and modern vibe. Here are the top 5 colors for an unforgettable accent wall in 2022.

1. Bright Yellow

Nothing will make a room pop quite like a bright and cheerful yellow. This bold hue can breathe life into even the dullest spaces, and is sure to draw attention and compliments. To avoid overwhelming the space, complement the yellow with neutrals such as white and gray.

2. Sage Green

Bring the outdoors in with a calming sage green. This hue is easy on the eyes, perfect for creating an oasis of tranquillity. To amplify its calming vibes, pair the green with shades of pink and orange.

3. Charcoal Gray

Create an edgy, urban look with charcoal gray. A deep and moody color, this is perfect for those who want a luxe, modern look. For a touch of contrast, pair the gray with a bold, bright color.

4. Navy Blue

For a timeless and sophisticated aesthetic, opt for a classic blue. Whether you’re aiming for a smart, preppy look or simply a timeless vibe, blue is sure to do the trick. To glam up the room, add contrasting hues like hints of gold and silver.

5. Earthy Red

Nothing says bold and daring like a passionate red. This strong hue can make a statement in any room and is perfect for those who want to make an eye-catching statement. Complement this accent wall with earthy shades of green, brown and orange.

No matter which hue you choose, an accent wall is sure to give your home the envy-inducing facelift it deserves. So why not transform the look of your space and make the most of 2022 with one of these stunning accent walls?